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    Dog bored? We’ve got the fun solution!

    If you’re at work and there’s nobody home to keep the dog company, you have another option: playcare here!

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Licensed with Multnomah County Animal Control

Party time for your dog

Supervised playtime for your dog while you are at work or away – whether it's for a few hours or boarding overnight, we’ve got you covered. In large open spacious playrooms, your dog will enjoy an indoor climate controlled environment to run, romp, stomp, and wrestle on a clean rubber-matted floor with other friendly dogs. Along with the indoor play areas, your dog can also enjoy our fully secure fenced outdoor facility at their leisure. All “potty breaks” are outdoor.

Supervised, with approved dogs

All playcare sessions are totally supervised and complete with lots of people interaction, snack time and nap time (if needed). All dogs are fully screened to assure that they are dog and people-friendly. Temperament tests are done by appointment only. Current up-to-date vaccination records are required at this time. We reserve the right to expel any canine at any time. For more information, see our rules section.

Why playcare?

Dogs who are provided with stimulation by exercise, play and socialization are generally much happier, healthier and well-adjusted animals. Best of all, you can relax and enjoy your evening because your dog has had a full day too.

While you are at work your dog is at home sleeping, possibly getting into mischief, waiting for you to come home and play. At It’s A Dog’s Life we provide a place where dogs who are generally left alone all day can go to socialize, burn excess energy and simply break up the monotony of their daily routines.

While at playcare, using positive methods, we also reinforce basic obedience like sit, stay, come and no jumping, especially on people.

For as long as you need

  • Half-day
  • Full day
  • Boarding
Pet Sitting | Portland, OR | It's A Dog's Life Playcare/Boarding | 503-286-2668

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