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Keeping playcare safe for your dog

At It’s A Dog's Life day/playcare, we work hard to make the environment fun, safe and healthy for all involved.

Ground rules keep it fun for all the dogs

To ensure the safety of your dog, other dogs, our guests, and passersby, and to protect the standing of our business in the neighborhood and community, we require you to comply with the following:

Any dog that habitually or compulsively urinates indoors will be expelled. This behavior is unsanitary and poses serious health risk to other dogs and employees. It will not be tolerated!

All dogs must have a complete, up-to-date vaccination records and approved application on file. This is a Multnomah County Animal Control requirement. There is a one-time $10.00 application fee per dog due at the time of the temperament test regardless of pass or no-pass.

All dogs nine weeks of age or older are potentially eligible for playcare. For pups, it is determined by their series of puppy boosters. They must have had at least their second set of boosters, including parvo and bordetella (kennel cough) by twelve weeks of age. These are requirements of Multhnomah County Animal Control. Rabies must be handled by six months of age, and is a requirement of the State of Oregon.

All attending dogs six months and older must be spayed and neutered. Again, this is a strict requirement of Multnomah County Animal Control.

All dogs in playcare must be dog and people-friendly. They must be non-aggressive and/or non-protective of food, water, toys and space. Owners will need to certify that their dog(s) have not harmed or shown any aggressive and/or threatening behavior towards any person and/or any other dogs. For the safety of all other dogs and employees, if we determine at any time that a dog’s behavior is aggressive, we reserve the right to expel him/her from playcare at our own discretion.

Potty Rules
Dogs must not eliminate (potty) on the neighborhood’s buildings, trees, posts, scrubs, lawns, flowerbeds, sidewalks or streets. Please potty your dog before coming! The neighbors thank you in advance.

Dogs need to be kept fairly quiet when arriving (especially during early morning hours) outside the facility.

Leash & Collar
For the safety of your dog, they must arrive and leave on a leash. A leather, nylon buckle or quick snap collar with current ID tags must be worn for playcare.

Health & Shots
All dogs must be in good health, physically sound and adequately protected against diseases. On admission, with completed application form, all dogs must be free from any condition that could potentially jeopardize other guests. They must have received all required vaccinations, including rabies, age permitting. These are requirements of Multnomah County Animal Control and the State of Oregon. Owners must submit a completed Bill-of-Health form, signed by your veterinarian or a computer printout on your vet's letterhead with proof of shots received and expiration dates that we may keep in our files. Dogs who have been ill with a communicable disease within the last thirty (30) days will require a veterinarian’s certificate of health to be admitted or readmitted into playcare. Pups must have received their second set of puppy booster shots, including parvo and bordetella by twelve weeks, and rabies by six months of age to be admitted into playcare and/or sleepovers.

Flea Control
All dogs must be on a regular, effective flea-control program such as Advantage or Frontline as a topical treatment.

Playcare reservations are not mandatory, but recommended. If playcare cancellations are needed, a 24-hour notice is required to avoid a full day charge. Sleepover reservations are mandatory with a deposit. Sleepovers are required to be in by noon on the day of drop-off. If cancellations of your sleepover reservations are needed, a 5-day notice is required. At this time, your deposit will be refunded in full. Less than a 5-day notice will result in the forfeit of your deposit.

All dogs must be relatively clean, groomed and brushed as necessary.

Days & Hours
Playcare hours are Monday through Friday 6:30AM to 6:30PM, Saturdays 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Sundays 10:00AM to 4:00PM*.
*Holidays will reflect Sunday hours, unless otherwise noted, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.

Payment is due in full the same day services and/or products are rendered. Sleepover guests can pay at the time of pick-up. Should someone else be picking up your dog, final payment arrangements need to be made in advance. Deposits will be applied to sleepover charges. As a reminder, if purchasing a punch card of either half or full days, punch cards are valid for 6 months from date of purchase and are non-refundable. Cash or check only. NO CREDIT CARDS.

Late Pick-up Charges
For “full day” playcare only, there is a grace period of ten (10) minutes after closing. A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged thereafter. Late fees are due when picking up your dog. This grace period does not apply to “half day.” Half days are under five hours from the time of drop-off. Should the five-hour mark or greater be hit, "full day" charges will apply. NO EXCEPTIONS! Cash or check only.

Cancellations & No-Shows
Playcare cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of your reservation. No-shows or late cancellations will be charged for a full day. Sleepover reservations require a 5 Day cancellation notice to avoid forfeiting deposit.

Payment Method
Cash or check only, due same day services are rendered. Thank you!

If you have any questions or concerns at any time about these rules, please let us know. Failure to abide by these rules and regulations can result in dog's expulsion from day / playcare and / or sleepovers. We do reserve the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason.

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Rules | Portland, OR | It's A Dog's Life Playcare/Boarding | 503-286-2668